8th St.-Petersburg Brain Awareness Week

The Power of Genes

March 15th, 19:00 (GMT+3)

Talk title: Genetic drivers of tau pathology: causes, consequences and therapeutic opportunities

Professor Karen Duff
Professor Karen Duff

Centre Director, UK Dementia Research Institute at University College London (UCL)
Head of Research Department, UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL 
Professor in Neurodegenerative Disease, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Faculty of Brain Sciences
Professor Emerita of Pathology and Cell Biology (in Psychiatry and in The Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Aging Brain), Columbia University Medical Centre, New York

Summary of talk:

Most neurodegenerative diseases are caused by the accumulation of toxic proteins but each disease differs in which protein accumulates and which brain region is damaged. This presentation will use the example of tau protein accumulation in a pathology known as tauopathy that occurs in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Frontotemporal lobe Dementia (FTD-tau) to illustrate some basic concepts of how genetics can cause the disease and determine the clinical phenotype, and what genes we might target to treat them.